We compare over 100 providers at a glance and work with you to find the best mortgage. This saves you an average of 2500 francs per year.

Do you want to fulfill your dream of owning your own home? In collaboration with the independent Swiss financial intermediary MoneyPark, we offer you the best mortgage for buying real estate. We find the best individual solution for each customer from the offers of over 100 financing partners: fair, transparent and based on partnership!

The benefits to you at a glance

  • Transparent and personal advice
  • Compare over 100 providers at a glance
  • Save an average of CHF 2500per year thanks to the best interest rates.

On the journey to owning your own home, many real estate buyers stumble at the mortgage. Even if you meet the banks' affordability and lending guidelines, choosing the optimum financing strategy is not child's play.

The mortgage market is not very transparent and is challenging, especially for laypersons. In addition to banks, insurance companies and pension funds also offer mortgages. Each supplier has different lending criteria. You will therefore receive a different interest rate offer from each provider for the financing of your dream property. Even if the differences in interest rate are in the range of a few basis points, a lot of money can quickly be saved over the entire term of a mortgage. Our customers save an average of 2500 francs per yeardue to the best terms and professional negotiation.

Why do you get better terms with us?

Many mortgage borrowers believe that their local bank will automatically offer them the best interest rates. After all, there is often a customer relationship lasting several years. However, the bank is not interested in offering you competitive interest rates and foregoing profits in business with existing customers. Only when you present comparative offers to your customer advisor will you quickly realise that every interest rate offer has negotiation potential and that substantial discounts are intrinsic. As a mortgage borrower, however, you will scarcely be able to obtain more than 3 to 4 offers, because every consultation with the bank or insurance company involves a great deal of administration and is very time-consuming.


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